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Staging your home when you have Pets

Posted by 8 months ago. (Back to all articles...)

                                  5 Ways to Stage Your Home for Sale When You Have Pets

Even in a booming real estate market, selling a home is never easy. And selling a home where pets live can seem impossible. Cat hair, claw marks, and barking dogs are all huge turnoff for otherwise eager buyers. Don't let your sweet pets sour your home-selling experience. Here are five ways to properly stage your pet-housing home so buyers are none the wiser.

1. Keep it clean. If you've ever walked into a hotel room and noticed the slightest stray hair in the bathtub you have some idea of the scrutiny potential buyers will use when looking at your property. When your home is up for sale, your top priority is keeping it clean. Start with the carpets and rugs by having them professionally cleaned, which should cost somewhere between $120 and $243. This will eliminate stains and odor (more on that later) and give your home an overall cleaner appearance. Sweep, dust, and mop daily and keep all accessible areas neat and tidy.

2. Do away with damage. There is a good chance that your pets have caused at least some damage both indoors and out. Professional Staging explains this could be anything from chewed-up baseboards to claw-marked carpet. No matter how big or small, it is in your best interest to make pet-related repairs. These seemingly minor infractions can have a major impact on your home's perceived value.

3. Oust the odor. As a doting dog owner or a caring cat lover, you have likely learned to overlook lingering odors. Your buyers won't. One of the quickest ways to distract buyers is to let them enter a home ripe with pet odors. Elite Realty of Las Vegas reports that instead seeing the positive attributes of the property, potential buyers will be busy trying to figure out how to get rid of the smell. We've already mentioned cleaning the carpet, but you will also need to eliminate odors on fabric and upholstery as well—your carpet cleaning company can do this for you. If you have a litter box, it should be removed from the home during showings along with your pet's bedding and toys. If possible remove crates and food bowls. During the spring and fall or whenever the weather is nice, open the windows for a few hours before your open house or scheduled showings.

4. Play hide n' seek. It's not enough to stage your home to minimize your pet's impact, you must also remove the pet from the property anytime you're showing it. If you know in advance, have your dog boarded or put him in the care of a local pet sitter. When time is a concern, such as if you have a last-minute showing, gather your pet's belongings, make a quick-cleaning sweep through the home, and go for a long walk or drive

5. Sweep the perimeter. Your home's curb appeal is just as, if not more, important than its interior ambience. Spend an afternoon rectifying pet damage outdoors. Fill holes in the yard, fix broken or scratched doorways and deck boards, and clean up your dog's favorite potty spot. No one wants to step in excrement when looking at a house. Brown spots caused by urine burn should also be fixed, and these areas should be sewn with new grass seed. Country Living offers a step-by-step guide on how to repair grass damaged by dogs.

Ultimately, your goal is to convince your buyers that only well-organized and ultra-clean humans inhabit your property. It's hard work and can be a major inconvenience, but taking steps to minimize your pet's presence is the best way to put your home in position for a quick (and profitable) sale.


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